Because being basic is boring.

I think it's safe to say that the "Basic Betch" theme was anything but basic for us 5x5 girls last week. Our mission for this whole FDFW fashion project that we've created is to really just provide inspiration. In today's fast-fashion world, it's so easy to think "I have NOTHING to wear" when you're starring into your massive closet full of clothes. Believe us, we've been there. But through Five Days Five Ways, we've forced ourselves to rethink how to repurpose. We love taking on the challenge with crazy printed items or silhouettes that are a bit more daring, but last week's basics-theme was also surprisingly super fun—and difficult. But hopefully, you had as much fun as we did following along all week and feel a little bit more inspired to try out some new ways to sport that LBD, classic blazer or basic tee that's been sitting in the back of your closet now.

If you missed any of the "Basic Betch" challenge over on Instagram last week, check out the full recap here. And join us as we pledge to never go basic ever again :)

(And huge, huge, huge thanks to Ashley Herrin with t.e.l.l. new england for taking all of Cass and Erin's photos this week. It's been such a blast shooting with Ashley and we are so excited for more fun in weeks to come!)

Cass' black J. Crew Blazer

Erin's black Urban Outfitter's LBD

Jess' black high-neck cropped tee

photo 3.JPG

How to not be a basic bitch.

As always, we were inspired by our favorite fashion betch The Man Repeller and last week's post: "How to wear ballet flats without looking basic". We like to think we aren't really too basic when it comes to adding some funk and flair to our style choices. After all, the whole Five Days x Five Ways concept is about showing how you can take pieces and mix them up with different accessories and inspired personas. So, when The Man Repeller showed us how to wear every girl's footwear staple and not look basic while doing so, we diiiiieeeed.

And what, do you ask, is the difference between a Basic Bitch and a Basic Betch? Watch, this video, to see exactly what a Basic Bitch's hilarious and so on point.

"Borrowed some Ugg boots here and there? Experiment with North Face?"

"We know what happened in Vegas…you got drunk and danced with each other".

And then as you know, a bEtch (in our terms) is anything but basic. Ask the girls over at Betches Love This, who coined the term and whose colorful commentary on all things style, culture and media alwayyyyys have us dying in laughter.

And a betch according to 5x5 is funky and sassy and independent and empowered. She'll say it how it is and she rolls deep with other amazing women who will one day take over the world, all the while looking amazing with a killer outfit put together with an eclectic mix of styles.

So, this week's 5x5 challenge is inspired by taking basics and making them betchy. Cass is wearing a classic black J.Crew blazer, Jess is wearing a black high-neck tee, and Erin is rocking a shapeless LBD. Check us out on Instagram this week to see the whole week unfold!

Images via Pinterest.

Michelle Lewis' Album Release Party

We had so much fun celebrating at Michelle Lewis' album release show at the Davis Square Theater in Somerville last Friday night.  Michelle topped off her 5x5 challenge by wearing her 5th look with the Rage & Bone booties on stage during her performance with a perfectly bouncy floral skirt, black silk top, and the ultimate accessory: her guitar.

Jess and Erin were lucky enough to sneak backstage before the show for some styling finishing touches. And Erin's amateur hairstyling skills were put to use with Michelle's new wand--always going for that Gisele hair...ALWAYS. And then the girls took their turn behind the mic (no not really!) for a goofy photo-opp. Let's just say Erin and Jess had already enjoyed a couple of Michelle's pink signature cocktails at the Theater bar beforehand ;)

Michelle's show was full of energy, emotion and excitement as she kicked off her 15 day tour. Make sure to follow along @MichelleLewisMusic to keep up with all of "The Parts Of Us That Still Remain" tour action.


Fashion Folk Week: Recap

Happy Cinco de Mayo babes! Who's having margaritas for lunch?

On this beautiful Monday in Boston (FINALLY above 60 degrees) we're recapping last week's Fashion Folk 5x5 week with Michelle Lewis. We had so much fun embracing our inner rockstars all week and celebrating Michelle's new album release at her Official Launch Show at the Davis Square Theater.  Be sure to check back later this week for a full recap of the event.

Michelle: Rag & Bone booties

Cass: H&M Patterned tunic

Erin: Black and white abstract crop top

Jess: Black tribal print mullet dress

Michelle Lewis x FDFW

Have you been following along this week for our Fashion Folk 5x5 Challenge with Michelle Lewis?  Like we mentioned earlier this week, her new album "The Parts Of Us That Still Remain" dropped on Tuesday, so be sure to check out the whole album on SoundCloud and iTunes. Michelle is rocking a pair of Rag and Bone booties and each of her looks this week is inspired by one of her new singles. Listen to a few of our favorites below!

We're back with "The Parts Of Us That Still Remain"


Did you miss us? We've had a BUSY couple of months with our personal and professional lives, so we apologize for going all rogue on everyone. But we've also been busy planning our next event with the beautiful and talented Michelle Lewis! Michelle's husband, Nate, is a dear friend to all of the 5x5 girls--fun fact: he was on the same team as Cass, Jess and Erin when the 3 girls started on this big adventure. So he's seen the little Five Days Five Ways baby grow since day 1 and he's been one of our biggest and most supportive fans.

So now it's our turn to support Nate and Michelle on their most recent adventure. This week, Michelle is releasing her 2nd album, "The Parts Of Us That Still Remain" on sale on iTunes today! Michelle's folk sound and lyrics are breathtakingly beautiful and still badass at the same time, which we so love.

So please join Michelle, Nate, and the 5x5 girls this Friday night, May 2 at the Davis Square Theater in Somerville, MA for "The Parts Of Us That Still Remain" album release show! Believe us, this is a performance you don't want to miss. Get your tickets here.

And check out this behind the scenes video from Michelle's album artwork photoshoot, which Erin helped style a few months ago.

And, lastly here's the album's first single's, "Run Run Run" music video, which was dedicated to all of the 2014 Boston Marathon runners.

And be sure to follow along on Instagram this week as Michelle takes the 5x5 challenge with us for a "Fashion Folk" inspired week. We'll be wearing our final Day 5 looks to the show on Friday night, so make sure you get your tickets early so you can secure a spot to see the show and our outfits :)