"Alex" by Jordie Rae

A little couzin luv to get through Hump Day today. Remember our San Francisco 5x5 Week with Erin's cousin, Jordan, last fall? She rocked the shit outta her five days in a bright orange knit crop sweater. Well, we thought we'd check back in with our readers to give you a little (read: huge, exciting, most amazing) update on what she's been up to since rockin' it on our little baby Instagram project. Mostly, Erin just needed an outlet to brag about how proud she is of her cuz! So, if you remember, Jordan is a fashion design student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco specializing in childrenswear. And last week she completed her senior thesis collection for the BFA Academy of Art University Spring Fashion Show!

A quick flashback to Jordan's 5x5 challenge

Jordan's featured collection, Alex, is unisex and designed for children aged 5-7. It combines oversized street wear silhouettes with bright, optical-illusion-based textiles.  We are beyond obsessed with how Jordan approached the stereotypically gendered children's fashion market with such a critical, detailed, artistic eye. She mentions how "throughout history, the children's clothing market has helped maintain the divide between the sexes, offering girls and boys either ultra-feminine or masculine products". Alex was created with a sportswear inspiration intended for all children to play together--regardless of gender. Amen to that, sista.

As a trio of 3 empowered fashionable feminists, we are in love with everything Jordie put together for Alex: the inspiration, the perspective, the designs, the pattern mixing, the textiles (by Sheni Moshabesha), and the cutest little models you ever did see on a runway...literally, ever. You know we love mixing patterns and bright colors, so if we could somehow fit into these petite pieces, we would absolutely try. And those baby white high-top Chuck Taylors? What little mini style ninjas Miss Jordie Rae created!

And take a look at some of the photos from the show last week and be sure to check out Jordan's site for her full portfolio and blog for recent updates. We've got a prettayyyyy good feeling this little design graduate is gonna make a huge splash in the fashion world, so make sure to follow along with her next big adventures!